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Results In About 120 Days. At Less Cost.

With patented technology of FASTBRACES®, our Houston, TX patients can gain a perfect smile in half the time while paying less than for traditional braces. This means fewer appointments and a more convenient path to oral health.

  • Today's visit was my best exam ever! It is hard to find great customer service, professional care and excellent health education. This experience will change your life and it was just a dentist visit. I recommend your whole family to give Dr. Mehrinfar DDS a visit, you will not be disappointed!!!

    Latricia E.
  • Great customer service and pleasant staff. I have been a patient of Ora-Dent for 18 years and would not think of going anywhere else for my dental needs. Easy, convenient appointments and great location. I would definitely recommend Ora-Dent.

    LacShelle T.
  • "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" is the best dental office ever! Everyone makes me feel so comfortable. Dr. Mehrinfar is very patient and thorough. He explains everything. This is the best dental experience I have ever had. I actually do not mind going to the dentist now.

    Donna M.
  • Absolutely the most amazing experience every time I go in. From stepping in and talking to Jessica, Jazmin, and then being treated by Dr. Mehrinfar. I have been going there for almost 9 years and I’m very pleased. Great team!

    Marlyn G.
  • I wish I could give out 6 star rating. This place has a wonderful and joyous ambiance. The staff is very caring, nice and understanding. They treat their patients with care and every procedure I've been through seems to be nothing short of professional and painless. The best denistry I've been to, hands down.

    Amir H.
  • I was very pleased with the service and price of the procedure. Jessica was so nice and took care of me promptly. Dr Mehrinfar was gentle during the procedure and it healed well. In post surgery visits they were very personable. I saved quiet a bit on the tooth implant procedure.

    Isabel A.
  • Such an awesome place very friendly staff and the dentist is THE BEST i never felt any pain even after a root canal and extraction I was amazed but they are just that good. I would recommend anyone to this office.

    Mercedez T.
  • I've been going to Dr. Mehrinfar for 3 years now and every time is a wonderful experience. Jessica is always happy and perky and the Doctor is all around great. 10/10 would recommend to anybody looking for a friendly face to work on your mouth.

    Joey C.
  • I had my first visit with Dr Mehrinfar 4 month ago and it changed my life . Everyone is so awesome ,kind and gentle am so thankful for everything they did for me .I had the fast braces (120 days braces) and the result was more than I expected . THANK YOU DR MEHRINFAR for giving me my confidence back .

    Rawha A.
  • The doctor and the staff are amazing. They make you feel comfortable and make you feel like family. They are always willing to work with your schedule when it comes to booking appointments with them. I recommend them to everyone you won't regret it!

    Rosa D.
  • Jasmine, my Hygienist, was terrific as usual. Great to see everyone and thanks for the personal kindness shown by all the staff.

    Marguerite T.

FREE Consultation with X-Ray


With payment plans, FASTBRACES® technology also brings affordability as one of its attributes for patients benefits. Since the duration is considerably less than traditional braces, generally 6 months - 2 years, this technology lasts 120 days and the patients have less office visits to accomplish final results. There for the cost for patients saves an average of $500 - $1000 per case.

Fast Results

"My FASTBRACES® of Houston" can deliver straight teeth in around 120 days with proper patient cooperation. Some cases that used to have to be referred to oral surgeons; now can be addressed by FASTBRACES® technology. Houston, TX patients can have a perfect smile faster than ever before using conventional braces.

Less Discomfort

"My FASTBRACES® of Houston" services give Houston, TX patients the smile they’ve always wanted without the fear of intense pain or discomfort associated with traditional braces. Patients do not have to struggle with braces for nearly as long and are able to achieve straight, smooth teeth with good chewing ability much more effectively.

Lasting Results

Houston, TX patients don’t just enjoy fast results and affordable results with our braces, they also enjoy the benefit of results that last through the tests of time. Results in straight teeth starting from the roots, leads to teeth that will stay straight for the rest of the patients lifetime. Guaranteed Results!

Why Clients Choose

"My FASTBRACES® of Houston"

You're Always Welcome My FASTBRACES® of Houston, TX Image

You're Always Welcome.

Make an appointment online 7 days a week

Our "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" office is open to our Houston, TX patients Monday through Friday, so it’s never inconvenient to schedule your appointment. We work with you when it’s most convenient for you, giving you a way to take care of your smile without needing to take time out of your busy day.

Fast Braces Patented Technology My FASTBRACES® of Houston, TX Image

Only The Best.

FASTBRACES® Patented Technology

Using patented technology, "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" provide our Houston, TX patients with results in around 120 days, not several years. This new technology is backed by 3 patents; the bracket, the Bone ( Restoring improper morphology), and the gums (Method of treating orthodontics). This addresses the main reasons for the success of FASTBRACES® technology

“Bone Growth, Health of Gum, Design of Brackets and Wires”

Patient Care Braces My FASTBRACES® of Houston, TX Image

We're Here For You.

Unsurpassed Patient Care

"My FASTBRACES® of Houston" doesn’t want to meet Houston, TX expectations, we want to exceed them. As the first ever American to win the worldwide Athena award for the best case in the shortest time, Dr. Mehrinfar provides the pinnacle of FASTBRACES® care. Our unsurpassed patient care sets out to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of every Houston, TX patient.

The Process


  • Initial

    Make an appointment for consultation and deciding if you’re the right candidate for FASTBRACES®. Initial imaging for Houston, TX patients includes full oral x-rays that will determine the type of treatment needed and your estimated treatment time. Your initial imaging will also determine if you’re a candidate for FASTBRACES® technology.

  • Apply Braces My FASTBRACES® of Houston, TX


    After imaging, "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" will take “before” photos and begin applying your Houston, TX patient braces. Beginning with the top front teeth, braces will be applied and "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" will go over proper oral hygiene with braces with our Houston, TX patients. Application of the brackets can be finished in just one day and gets you started on the road to straight teeth.

  • Follow-Up

    Each month, Houston, TX patients will have a 20 to 30 minute follow-up appointment to ensure treatment is working properly and on par with what has been expected. Toward the end of your time with braces, these follow up appointments may come more frequently than the normal monthly. Proper follow ups ensure that the treatment will be completed as fast and efficiently as possible.

  • Remove Braces My FASTBRACES® of Houston, TX


    Brackets are first removed from our Houston, TX patients, and "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" will provide two sets of retainers along with wear and care instructions. These will ensure lasting and satisfying results for our Houston, TX patients. Removal of the brackets in around 120 days leaves you with straight teeth from the foundation up, resulting in a lasting result for years to come.

  • Final X-rays
    & Imaging

    After the removal of braces for our Houston, TX patients, "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" will perform a final set of images to ensure satisfying results. X-rays will determine that braces are no longer needed, and “after” pictures will be taken to compare with the “before. Final Xrays will ensure the job is done completely and leave the patient with peace of mind.

Dr. Majid

Your Doctor

Majid Mehrinfar, DDS

Dr. Majid Mehrinfar received his DDS at the University of Texas in 1994 after holding a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering since 1977. A major goal of his is to provide a calm and healing experience for each and every one of his Houston, TX patients. Dr. Mehrinfar participates in quarterly continuing education and has advanced training in FASTBRACES® technology. He is the current Worldwide Athena Award winner for the best FASTBRACES ® technology result in the shortest time for 2019-2020 and is the first American doctor who has been able to achieve this honor.

About Us
Dr. Majid Mehrinfar, DDS My FASTBRACES® of Houston, TX
Gift from My FASTBRACES® of Houston, TX background
With a $200 welcome gift applicable to out of pocket treatment costs, and 20% off the treatment for uninsured patients, there is no reason to continue putting off getting your teeth straightened. Call "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" today to get started.
How To Get Started

A Lot Can Happen in 120 Days



Schedule Your

The first step is scheduling your free consultation. Houston, TX patients will be able to learn more about FASTBRACES ® technology and if this is the right treatment for their needs.


Review Process
& Insurance

After your free consultation is your review process and going over what is covered by your insurance provider and what may be required to pay out of pocket or through a payment plan.


Create Models &
Begin Application

After insurance and review is carried out, "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" will then create models and begin the application of your Houston, TX treatment. Our goal is to make this a comfortable and relaxed process you’re confident with.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it going to hurt?

    Braces have something of a reputation for causing pain and discomfort. With "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" expertise in FASTBRACES ® technology, patients tend to experience a much lower level of discomfort when compared to the application and use of traditional braces. While some mild discomfort may be experienced, our Houston, TX patients find this to be highly manageable and much lower than what they may feel with a traditional set of braces.

  • Can I have better looking smile?

    The ultimate goal of "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" FASTBRACES ® treatment is to give our Houston, TX patients the better looking smile they desire. Not only will your smile be straighter, your teeth will be easier to brush and easier to care for after your treatment is complete. This leads to a smile that isn’t just better looking, but with lasting health that provides beauty for the long-term.

  • Do I need a cleaning?

    It’s important to apply FASTBRACES® technology to clean teeth to ensure no bacteria or plaque is trapped within the braces that cannot be easily cleaned away after application. "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" provides Houston, TX patients with a clean slate before applying their FASTBRACES® treatment, and ensures after-care cleaning techniques are fully explained to each patient before we send them on their way home.

  • Do you take my insurance?

    FASTBRACES® technology is covered by all insurances that provide braces coverage. "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" will work with you to ensure insurance covers your treatment, explain what insurance does or does not cover, and to create affordable payment plans for those who may not be covered by their Houston, TX insurance policies.

  • How much is the copay?

    The copay you may be required to pay is determined by your Houston, TX insurance provider, and copays may be different depending on your coverage amount or particular policy. "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" provides payment plans for patients who may have higher co-pays which ensures an affordable experience for every patient who walks through our doors. An open and honest experience provides confidence regarding your copay and coverage.

  • Do you have payment plans?

    "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" provides affordable and customizable payment plans for our Houston, TX patients, which allows FASTBRACES ® to be a feasible option for every patient that needs them. Payments may be made at monthly follow-up appointments throughout the course of treatment, making payments both convenient and workable for all budget levels. With payment plans available, "My FASTBRACES® of Houston" ensures that great oral health is not out of reach for any Houston, TX patient.