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How It Works

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Scheduling your free consultation is simple, and My FASTBRACES® of Houston is open 5 days per week (Mon-Fri) to ensure your appointment time is convenient and it fits within your schedule. During your consultation, you’ll be taught about the entire FASTBRACES® process, and you’ll know if you’re a proper candidate for this patented treatment technology.

Review Process & Insurance

After your initial consultation, My FASTBRACES® of Houston will review the entire process with each of our Houston, TX patients, and determine if the treatment will be covered by your insurance policy. If the treatment is not covered, or only partially covered, you’ll be able to set up an affordable and convenient payment plan to fix your smile with your treatment.

Create Models & Begin Procedures

Once insurance has been worked out, we’ll then begin creating models and beginning your FASTBRACES® procedure. My FASTBRACES® of Houston sets out to provide a comfortable, relaxed, and happy experience with every Houston, TX treatment, making your initial procedure a confident and calm experience. Models show just how FASTBRACES® will work on your particular smile. Refer to our other website (https://www.oradentsmile.com) to learn more detail about how the technology of FASTBRACES® works to fix your smile.

Follow Up For Lasting Results

Throughout your time with FASTBRACES®, My FASTBRACES® of Houston will schedule monthly follow-up appointments to ensure you’ll receive the lasting results you’re looking for. Toward the end of your treatment, these follow-up appointments may grow more frequent as we at My FASTBRACES® of Houston determine if the process is working to the best of its ability before removal.

Dr. Majid performing oral procdure, My FASTBRACES® of Houston Houston,  TX Dr.Majid explaining procedure, My FASTBRACES® of Houston Houston,  TX
Your Doctor

Majid Mehrinfar, DDS

Majid Mehrinfar

Dr. Majid Mehrinfar received his DDS at the University of Texas in 1994 after holding a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering since 1977. A major goal of his is to provide a calm and healing experience for each and every one of his Houston, TX patients. Dr. Mehrinfar participates in quarterly continuing education and has advanced training in FASTBRACES® technology. He is the current Worldwide Athena Award winner for the best FASTBRACES® technology result in the shortest time for 2019-2020 and is the first American doctor who has been able to achieve 

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